Muni Mission Interviews Jim "Waggs" Waggoner

On the golf course, Jim Waggoner is as cool as the other side of the pillow. It only makes sense that he’s one of the men behind the W.A.Z. round - if you haven’t played golf with Jim yet, I can assure you that you’re missing out. Read on to learn about Jim’s hopes for barbecue brisket at the clubhouse, as well as some of his oldest Lincoln Park memories.

Muni Mission: How long have you been playing golf at Lincoln Park Golf Course?

Waggoner: 14 years. My first club event was the Orange Ball tournament in 2004. It was my first or second round at Lincoln Park ever. I was paired with 3 legends: Ken Harrington, Paul Kumli, and Mike Han.

Muni Mission: Over that time, what has changed most, if anything at all, about the golf course?

Waggoner: If anything the conditions have gotten slightly better since 2004. Either that or my standards and expectations have decreased. Probably more of the latter. The number of tourists (walking the grounds) seems to have increased.

MM: Your lowest career round at Lincoln Park GC?

Waggoner: 77

MM: Your favorite hole to play at Lincoln Park GC?

Waggoner: Number 3. There are so many different ways to play this little hole and it’s the most challenging relative to par, in my opinion. When I’m on the green on number 3, I feel like I’m deep in nature, away from the city and further away from all the tourists.

MM: Your least favorite hole to play at Lincoln Park GC?

Waggoner: The tee shot on number 7. I actually like the approach shot and the green, but I despite that tee shot.

MM: What do you wish was different about Lincoln Park GC?

Waggoner: I wouldn’t change anything. Yes, the course conditions are awful, but that keeps the crowds away.

MM: To me, Lincoln Park Golf Course is very unique and unlike any municipal golf course out there. To someone that has never been to San Francisco, what elements at Lincoln Park give it a unique Bay Area vibe?

Waggoner: I think Lincoln Park is unique because it’s like going back in time. Every round at Lincoln is like a retro round of golf. The fairways are like cow pastures and the greens are just as bumpy as St. Andrews back in 1413 (Muni Mission is laughing out loud at this comment, Waggs!). I actually love that. Combine that with its location, unique topography and fantastic views of the prettiest city in the world and you have a one of a kind golf course.

MM: Harding Park and Lincoln Park are completely different golf courses, but they are both part of the city and just a few miles apart. In what ways are they similar?

Waggoner: Beautiful trees…that’s about it.

MM: I’ve always thought the Food and Beverage offerings at Lincoln Park have such unrealized potential. The Local Brewing Company offerings from SOMA are a good start, but what food item do you wish the Lincoln bar and grill would add to their menu?

Waggoner: Make it a BBQ place (ribs, brisket, chicken). SF doesn’t have enough of these restaurants. I feel like this would fit the Lincoln Park crowd perfectly.

MM: What can the Lincoln Park Golf Club do to attract new players?

Waggoner: I think we should hold some more events that encourage guest participation. Existing members should also try to actively recruit. Maybe free Dues for the member that refers the most new members each year.

MM: What characteristic do you have that serves you best on the golf course during a competitive round?

Waggoner: I’ve always been pretty consistent and patient. That has always helped my game, especially during match play.

MM: In general, I feel that many golfers don’t drink enough water or consume enough food/snacks while they play. Do you have a favorite food item to carry with you in your golf bag?

Waggoner: I drink a ton of water. I always carry a water bottle and strategically pace my drinking so I can refill at the water fountain on #6 (the only functioning water source on the course). I always pack an almond butter sandwich too.

MM: Lastly, give us your most treasured piece of advice that you take with you each time you play golf.

Waggoner: “Take your medicine.” A double or triple bogey in medal play is not going to ruin the round of a mid/high handicapper like myself. But a two-digit score is always a crusher.