Muni Mission Interviews Vivek Vinjamur

Meet the newest member of the Lincoln Park Golf Club. Vivek is an energetic SoCal native, that can often be found roaming the practice facilities of Presidio Golf Course before, during, and after his workday. He’s an enthusiastic, athletic young golfer, with lots of untapped potential. Please look for him at future club events and introduce yourself to him.

Muni Mission: How long have you been playing golf at Lincoln Park Golf Course?

Vivek: 18 Months.

Muni Mission: What do you remember most about your first visit to Lincoln Park Golf Course?

Vivek: The View at the 17th tee.

MM: Your Lowest Career Round at Lincoln Park GC?

VV: 78

MM: Your Favorite Hole to play at Lincoln Park GC?

VV: Number 3.

MM: Your Least Favorite Hole to play at Lincoln Park GC?

VV: Number 12.

Editor’s Note: Holes 3 and 12 seem to be fairly common answers from the membership, for favorite and least favorite holes, respectively.

MM: What do you wish was different about Lincoln Park GC?

VV: That it was less sloppy and wet.

MM: To me, Lincoln Park Golf Course is very unique and unlike any municipal golf course out there.  To someone that has never been to San Francisco, what elements at Lincoln Park give it a unique Bay Area vibe?

VV:  I think the people that play there regularly speaks volumes. Like the Bay Area, the people are engaging, intelligent and welcoming. Being a native Southern Californian, I still have felt welcomed - to the game and the course.

MM: Harding Park and Lincoln Park are completely different golf courses, but they are both part of the city and just a few miles apart.  In what ways are they the same?

VV: The fairways tend to be more narrow on both courses. Accuracy off the tee is such an important tool to have success on both courses.

MM: I’ve always thought the Food and Beverage offerings at Lincoln Park have such unrealized potential.  The Local Brewing Company offerings from SOMA are a good start, but what food item do you wish the Lincoln bar and grill would add to their menu?

VV: I usually just get snacks or beer, and bring my own food items.

MM: In what ways did Lincoln Park Golf Club appeal to you, as a young professional, living in San Francisco?

VV: It was presented as a great way to network with other young professionals. So much of living / working in the Bay is about networking, so being part of the club really opens another avenue. Also, it'll be a great opportunity for me to become a better golfer.

MM: What characteristic do you have that serves you best on the golf course during a competitive round?

VV: I do my best to stay focused on the next shot in front of me / try to keep emotions in check and stay positive.

MM: In general, I feel that many golfers don’t drink enough water or consume enough food/snacks while they play.  Do you have a favorite food item to carry with you in your golf bag?

VV: Tons of water in general. I really like the Kind protein bars, bananas, and beef jerky.

MM: Lastly, give us your most treasured piece of advice that you take with you each time you play golf.

VV: My instructor told me this: you relax to play golf, you don't golf to relax.