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We are Lincoln Park Golf Club of San Francisco.  We are a golf association that organizes golf events for our members to play tournament golf and establish a USGA Handicap via the Northern California Golf Association (NCGA).

Included in your membership is an official USGA Handicap # to post scores along with NCGA membership which gives you deeply discounted green fees at NCGA facilities Poppy Hills in Monterey and Poppy Ridge in Livermore.  Your NCGA membership also makes you eligible to qualify for special NCGA events and able to receive discounts from various partnerships the NCGA has from travel to merchandise.  

Our events are a mixture of individual tournaments, 2 & 4 person team events, and special tournaments such as the Orange Ball, 4-Stick, Blind Draw, Turkey Shoot, and of course the annual Club Championship and Directors Cup.  

#17 at Lincoln Park Golf Course

#17 at Lincoln Park Golf Course


Visit our Who We Are page to learn more about Lincoln Park Golf Club

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Membership Dues for 2018 are $110 and membership is valid through the end of the calendar year.  

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