SuperBowl Skins Results

Hello Friends,

Looks like it was a beautiful morning at Lincoln for the annual January Skins Game.  We had a nice turnout and an astounding 6 pelts were won by the following players at $75 per skin:

Ken Harrington - #1, 3 net 2

Max McMillan - #3, 2 net 1

Jeff Park - #6, 3 net 2

Doug Fong - #11, 3 net 2

Dan Carwin - #14, 4 net 3

Ed Murray - #15, 3 net 2

Congratulations gentleman, always nice to see many players getting in on the skins action.  Regatta points will be distributed evenly for skins winners at 12 points per player.  

Highlights and Heartbreaks:  Despite playing a great 18 holes of golf with birdies on both 8 & 9, Drew Walker was blanked on skins for the day.  In a backdoor deal struck earlier at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Walker agreed to birdie #9 early, take Vitone's skin off the board, thereby increasing Jeff Park's overall skin $ value on #6.  Park/Walker have outsmarted us all on multiple levels. 

Park struck again on #16, always a volatile skin hole, by making 3 and canceling Mike Franzago's 3 made a short time earlier.  Note...#16 is a smooth 7 iron for Mike and a full driver for Jeff.  You should all fear the Park by now.  

Cussen made a nice natural birdie on 15 only to be outdone by Murray's natural birdie / net eagle to claim the skin.  Walker struck again on 12 with a 3 net 2 nullifying Cussen's 3 net 2.  Drew's new on course name is now Null Set. 

Chris Biorn added new content to his short game clinic, a shot called the shaft shank.  We're still reviewing video and understanding how this highly advanced move can be taught to the average player.  

Sounds like great fun was had by all, thank you to those who came out and supported the event.