2018 Metropolitan 2 Man BB Results 2/10/18


Hello friends,

Looks like it was another beautiful Bay Area day to play some golf at Metropolitan Links for the annual NCGA 2-Man Net BB Qualifier.  Reminder, if you have not posted your score yet post as a "T" score for this event as it is a Major for the Club. Sam Haskins was reportedly on site to offer spiritual guidance and life coaching, which it appears no one followed. 

Team Ken Ross / Jim Waggoner took 1st place with a net 64, barely edging out the 65's shot by teams Mamot/Roberts and Walczak/Thompson.  Well played gents.  Top 5 results:

1st - Waggoner / Ross - 64

2nd - Mamot/Roberts - 65

3rd - Walczak / Thompson - 65

4th - Cussen / Miller - 67

5th - Walker / Jackson - 69

This marks the 1st event victory for Jim Waggoner in many years after re-joining the Club for 2018.  Waggs has told me many tall tales over the years as to why he can't play much, "I'm getting married", "I'm having a baby," "I have the flu."  All gamesmanship, what they call a "long con" in certain circles.  Ross & Waggoner even went as far as to tell me they "needed" a partner for this event both claiming to be partnerless lost little lambs in the field.  Little did we know Jim laid out an 8 year plan with Ken Ross in 2010.  I recently became aware of a 8 yr old text message sent between the two, "2018 Net BB will be our year, just wait."  So the prophecy has now come to be truth and Ross / Waggoner will be representing LPGC in the next stage of qualifying for the NCGA 2-Man Net BB Competition.  Congratulations guys, we wish you luck in getting to the finals in Monterey!  

Team Narcilepsy, Harrington/Franzago, who were early favorites allegedly drove off cart paths into old landfill, were found napping in various port-a-pottys, forgot they were partners after hole 4 and played a money match against each other for the rest of the round.  It's been confirmed by the IOC they attended the wrong event and were actually scheduled for Team Figure Skating in PyeongChang this afternoon but boarded the wrong transfer plane in Albuquerque.  They are normally known worldwide for their TC Chen Double-Axle Hay-Bail maneuver. 

Screenshot 2018-02-10 20.36.16.png


New Member Alex Roberts made his 1st LPGC appearance teaming with Mamot to finish in 2nd place.  He reportedly hits a long ball and shot 70 gross today on his own ball.  Nice playing Alex.  It's rumored Mamot found him on GolfTinder.com, swiped right and now a new relationship has been born.  We should all be afraid.  

Has anyone seen or heard from Drew Walker?  He was last seen isolating himself on a practice green chipping away at chipping.  

Drew at Work.jpg

Today's news wire updates here in Japan note an incident has occurred.  International media has not been able to confirm exact whereabouts but it's thought to be an Allenby-esque type situation. 

Allenby Witness.jpeg

Drew, come home, you're safe with us, all will be OK.  

Thanks to all the players that came out to support the event, I hope you had an enjoyable day on the course.  Next event is a Skins game March 24th at Lincoln.  We had to cancel Mare Island due to LPGC being placed on their "no-fly" list so we'll do another Skins game at home instead.  Hopefully I will be back from Asia to play in this one if I'm not auctioned off as a Geisha Girl to a consortium of Japanese business men in the next month.  

Until next time, be good gentlemen.

-President, Naoto De Silva